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Our Done-For-You Services Are Frozen For 2021

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Because you don't have the time to be chasing your tail right now...

 As a pet industry business owner, we understand that you’re already juggling a number of responsibilities and obligations.

Whether you’re currently struggling to find time to build your brand whilst managing a heavy workload, or you’re searching for an agency to partner with to step your growth up a gear

We’re here to support you, whatever your challenges or goals. Below, you’ll find a package to suit your needs.

Our Packages

Start Up

Are you at the beginning of your journey and want the support to start off on the right paw? 

The Start Up package is ideal for you, if you’re…
  • A start up looking to successfully launch a new product or service
  • Tight for cash but prepared to start investing in your future
  • Part of a smaller team that needs additional assistance
  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed and unsure about whether you’re ‘getting it right’ or not

Scaling Up

Are you looking to scale, but are bogged down with time-consuming tasks? Do you need a boost to your digital activity?

The Scale Up package is the solution, if you’re… 

  • An established business seeking to partner with a reliable & hardworking agency
  • Ready to make a bigger investment in your marketing, in order to get better quality results
  • Planning to kickstart larger projects that require extra resources & creative efforts

Grow Big

Do you know exactly what assistance you need? Do you require extensive support in multiple areas of your digital automation and marketing? 

The Grow Big package is your answer, if you’re…

  • Wanting to customise specific elements of your package with an adaptable agency
  • Seeking a highly-customised, tailored solution for your digital marketing needs
  • Needing support in defined, focused areas of your business
  • Looking for tasks to be turned around ASAP

(*Each one of these packages will be tailored to your business & personal goals. No cookie cutter approach in this neck of the woods!)

Interested in one of these packages, but not sure if you want to dive straight in? That's fine! Here's what we can do next...

Step One: Book yourself in for Your Pet Biz Health Check-Up (see that giant button below?)

Step Two: Our team will complete a comprehensive assessment of your brand’s digital presence + produce a Project Plan report for you 

Step Three: We’ll jump on a call to discuss your report & then the decision is yours! You can either choose to tackle your Project Plan by yourself or sign up to one of our packages and receive our support (with absolutely ZERO pressure and obligation)

Psst... Here's some further info on what all our plans include

If there’s one thing our Genies will advocate until the end of time it’s that a business will only ever be successful with an evolved Brand Identity Guide under their belt. 

This is why with every package we offer, our Genies will deep dive into your branding and establish the ultimate strategy to powerfully communicate what sets you apart, connect directly with your ideal audience & celebrate your one-of-a-kind business personality.

Articles, blogs, web content, case studies, interactive PDFs, electronic direct mail… whatever your requirements, you will have access to a team of expert copywriters and graphic designers who weave magic with a pen or a keyboard like you would a wand.

Whether it’s copywriting and design for an ad campaign, a website landing page, an essential sales funnel, drip sequence email campaigns or an electronic newsletter; our gifted genies will whip up the perfect potion to enamour your target audience. ​

Your growth is dependent on establishing an active, engaging digital presence… which is why our Genies will grant your wildest wishes with unlimited project requests!

Please note that you will only be able to have one active project request at any given time on the Storyteller package, unless agreed otherwise with your account manager. With the Alchemist package you can request up to three concurrent tasks at any given time. ​

We understand that as a savvy business owner you may want to test the waters, before diving into the deep end. Which is why we will offer you the option to cancel your subscription at any time, if you decide we aren’t the perfect fit for your business. All you are required to do is give us a 5 day notice period.​

Whatever magic our Genies concoct for your business and brand identity, it will only ever be effective when executed with search engine optimisation in mind. Whether it’s an updated tagline for your website, a sparkling new landing page or a revitalised sales funnel, everything we create for your website will be supported by vital keyword research to increase your online visibility and traction.​

The impact and effectiveness of your rejuvenated branding will hinge on how well you communicate it… specifically, through the compelling mode of email automation.

Our team will support you in the creation, set-up and monitoring of your email broadcast campaigns, ensuring everything runs seamlessly & is structured for maximum impact.​

Our Genies walk the walk & talk the talk. Every project or campaign we assist you with will be carefully supervised from execution to completion, with key analytics extracted and compiled into an insightful report with accompanying analysis.

This will offer a comprehensive overview of campaign performance, in addition to a clearcut understanding of what next steps will be most lucrative for your business. ​

We consider our relationship with you a real partnership. This is why each month we will invite you to request a consultation session with your account manager, who will update you on current project progress, outline any strategy successes or required amendments, and will also touch base to confirm we are well on our way to achieving your core growth goals and aspirations. 

We will always be happy to answer any questions you may have… and not just because we love a good catch-up!

Why Choose The Growth Genies?

You will be assigned a committed project manager, who will be in regular contact to ensure deadlines and budgets are met effectively and efficiently. They will pull together the best quality marketing plan and sales growth strategy to reach your goals. 

Communication is the name of the game, so if you ever have a question or require clarification, our email is always open. We’ll be sure to respond within a 24 hour period, max.

Here at the Growth Genies, we walk our talk. That means we will be implementing marketing strategies which boost your traffic and conversions, producing quantifiable, concrete results. Our monthly reports will outline exactly what our actions have achieved and where additional campaign amendments will need to be made to continue working towards growth.

Our team members hail from a range of backgrounds, from design to copywriting to digital marketing to project management. That means you’ll have the best of the best working on your project. We always encourage originality and individuality, urging one another to go above and beyond for our clients.

We don’t simply look at a single set of data to track your growth. We extract data from multiple sources to cross-reference and analyse, for a deep and individually tailored understanding of your business performance. This information we will then utilise as a building block to further evolve your automation and digital marketing strategy with The Growth Genies, developing your profit maximisers wherever possible. 

Our project managers have experience in consultation and strategy development, in addition to business coaching and mentoring. We will take full responsibility for all copywriting, sales funnels and EDM (electronic direct mail) campaigns, so we can guarantee results for all your campaigns and launches. You simply have to sit back and relax whilst we work our magic! 

Package Extras

Want to add something ultra-special to your digital marketing efforts?  Then check out these extras which are available for all package options or on their own. Just let us know if any tickle your fancy!


Sometimes, all you need is a little support and guidance. Confirmation that you're 'getting it right' or a second pair of eyes to point out where you're veering off track. We can be your 'go to' wing-women, with regular coaching sessions + email support to keep you accountable and working towards your goals.

Website Design & SEO

From conception to creation, we build sleek, sophisticated and SEO optimised websites from the ground up. Tailor your digital presence exactly as you want it, with our support in branding strategy, graphic design, copywriting, content creation and website builds.

Social Media & Content Creation

Connect with and convert your target audience across a range of social media platforms. We create unique, kick-ass content which hooks attention, clearly communicates your brand identity & secures you a loyal brand following.

PPC Advertising

Choose your pick from Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or another advertising avenue, and then sit back and relax as our team of expert Genies create, manage and streamline your online advertising campaigns.

You can also discover the benefits of Infusionsoft by Keap & reap the rewards of The Growth Genies being certified partners here…


For the Storyteller, this means that every month you can request as many projects as you want; there will be no restriction on the amount of tasks you can request, even if we complete your job in the blink of an eye. However, please note that only one task can be active at any given time.

For the Alchemist, you will also be able to request as many projects as you’d like, no matter the scope or scale. Yet with this package, you will only be able to have a maximum of three tasks active at any given time. 

Consider us your go-to partners in all things digital marketing… unlike the Genie stories of old, your wishes aren’t limited with us!

So if you’d like to request our assistance with a specific task or project, we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and put the resources in place to make it a reality.

If at any point, a request is beyond our means, we have an extensive network of trusted partners and professionals who we’d be thrilled to connect you with instead. 

We want you to be completely happy and confident in whatever we produce for your business.

Which is why you will be able to request up to two rounds of revisions to your chosen project. 

The more detailed and clear your feedback on our initial drafts, the better we will be able to edit and amend to align with your vision.

For the Storyteller, dependent on the scope of your task and the time of your request submission, we will aim to turnaround tasks within a 48 hour window.

For the Alchemist, and again dependent on the scope of your task and time of request submission, we will endeavour to turnaround tasks within a 24 to 48 hour window.

Please note, as our Genies hail from around the world, the further in advance you request our assistance with a specific task or project, the better we’ll be able to ensure our team are in place to tackle it efficiently and effectively!