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If you’re a pet business based in… 

Australia       New Zealand       the United Kingdom     or Ireland 

Then hello! Our Genies would love to jump on a call with you.

Simply click the region which applies to you below, book yourself in for a 30-minute slot at a time that suits you, and we’ll get in touch to discuss how the Genies can support you & your business.

During this call, we’ll use this opportunity to get to know you and your business a bit better. We’ll identify what stage of your journey you’re currently at and where you’d love to get to. We’ll also discuss what you’re currently struggling with or your biggest challenges…

… and then how the Genies can support you to tackle them!

Just so you know, these calls are no obligation. Which is another way of saying that just because you book in for a chat, there’ll definitely be no pressured/heavy sell during this call (because, that’s just… yuck.) If we believe our team can genuinely offer you the support to reach your goals, we’ll outline how we plan to do exactly that. The decision will then be all yours.

Pet businesses based in Australia and New Zealand will chat to our co-founder, Tarryn.

Whilst pet business in the UK and Ireland will chat to our other co-founder, Erin.

(Who you can read about  on our About Us page, should you wish.)

So if you’re interested in connecting with us & discussing ideas for growing your business in 2021, make sure to book in for a call by using the links above. We can’t wait to hear from you!