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And how we support Pet Businesses worldwide to become the Goto Pet Brands

Do you ever imagine what it must feel like to have a true top-dog business that is both influential and impactful? Or what it would be like to work ‘on’ your business, rather than struggling to simply keep it afloat in a repetitive groundhog day cycle?

We get it. In fact, we know you already have the raw potential to build a business which is popular, profitable and packed full of personality.

And now it’s simply time to meet the agency who can make it happen (and, you know, just in case it isn’t already clear… that’s us.)

Our Commitment

In a nutshell, we’re here to help you implement the internal systems and execute the creative marketing strategies to transform your reach and results. We’ll provide you with the tools and knowledge to achieve success… and help you have fun doing so!

Whether you’re looking to gain clarity + direction for your brand identity or you’re seeking guidance to increase your revenue + profits, this agency was established to offer pet businesses – like yours – the support to achieve your full potential.

Every business and journey is unique. This is why, as one of the only creative growth agencies for pet businesses in Australia, our commitment is to do everything we can to help you feel empowered & excited by your current and future business performance.

We’re not the type of agency to bombard you with jargon to make ourselves seem smarter or adopt generic, beige approaches to any of our work. In our humble opinion, we think that kind of mentality is barking bonkers, and you definitely deserve better.

Instead, we believe in the power of creativity and collaboration, which is why for every single client we partner with, we take the time, care and dedication to get to know you personally, your goals, your hopes and your ambitions.

Forget us being a bog-standard digital marketing agency that follows a ‘one size fits all’ kinda mindset. No thanks. Chuck that perception straight out the window.

Rather, we’re here to be your go-to wingwomen for all your brand development expertise.

Our ethos is that everyone should have the ability to find freedom in both their personal and professional life. That’s why our own team works remotely and hails from all over (with our main hubs in Aus and the UK), in addition to our working hours being Mon – Thurs, 8 am to 6 pm. Because we’re not ones to follow convention because ‘that’s the way it’s always been done’.

And we want to help you find your own freedom in your business too, whilst having heaps of fun throughout the entire process. Sounds ace, right?

Learn more about our signature methodology to building a Profitable Pet Biz here

Meet the Genies

As a team split between Australia and the United Kingdom, we bring heaps of skill, knowledge & talent to the table. We are all enthusiastic animal lovers, forward thinkers & ladies hungry to make a difference. 

Tarryn Michie

Co-Founder & Wish-Granting Genie

Values: New Experiences, Understanding & Support

Fun Fact: I’ve lived in 31 different places…not including 2 years full-time travelling around Australia….and you wonder why ‘New Experiences’ is my top value?! 😉

Spotify Tune: Xavier Rudd – Walk Away

Erin Michie

Co-Founder & Magic Making Genie

Values: Creativity, Education and Fun

Fun Fact: I’m not at-all pleased with myself for winning my netball club’s “Player of the Year” award (two years in a row, but who’s counting? #totallynotcompetitive)

Spotify Tune: Imagine Dragons – Whatever It Takes

Olivia Essery

Client Companion Genie

Values: Curiosity, Collaboration and Creativity

Fun Fact: Amateur live music gig photographer (and when I say amateur, I mean really really amateur)

Spotify Tune: 7 – Catfish and the Bottlemen

Olivia Foan

Content Conjurer Genie

Values: Daily Gratitude, Daily Yoga & Daily Peanut Butter

Fun Fact: Actually a trained falconer, the course was a 14th birthday present. Lame or cool – you decide.

Spotify Tune: Marinade – Dope Lemon

But that’s not all…

We collaborate with a team of specialists in inDesign, WordPress, ClickFunnels or Infusionsoft. We pride ourselves on our diverse range of partnerships, no matter their location or geographic constraints. As a remote workforce, we don’t subscribe to the idea that we need to cram ourselves into a stuffy corporate office or wear suits and ties in order to be amazing professionals. Instead, we encourage our Genies to create a lifestyle that enables them to live exactly how they wish.

Our Values

If we had a spell book and were listing all the ingredients that made up The Growth Genies, we'd say these values represent the key components of who we are.

We thrive on ideas that excite, energise and enlighten and aim to foster inspiration across all our projects and creative offerings. We love projects that challenge our own thinking and invite opportunities to scrutinise unfamiliar angles to communicate and connect.​
We support flexibility, honesty and practicality, challenging outdated systems or limiting traditions. We are authentic in our expression and everyday living, encouraging others to do the same.
We champion movement, energy and curiosity. We always strive to discover new ways and methods of evolving, challenging ourselves to constantly explore and improve. We don’t believe in complacency or regurgitating boring, bland structures.​
We encourage creativity and the confidence to explore unique and unusual ideas. We go deeper, interrogating our purpose and motive with any project to discover its true value. We seek transformation and growth, changing the world in small and fundamental ways.​
We encourage creativity and the confidence to explore unique and unusual ideas. We go deeper, interrogating our purpose and motive with any project to discover its true value. We seek transformation and growth, changing the world in small and fundamental ways.​
We aim to incorporate fun and joy into all our projects, bringing brightness and energy into every task we undertake. We will always prioritise the mental, emotional and physical wellbeing of our colleagues and partners, over making a quick buck at the expense of our happiness and health.​
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